Faraway Planet 3D Screensaver

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Faraway Planet 3D Screensaver is an application that allows users to change their screensavers to a 3-dimensional view of a faraway planet. The screensaver launches when the system has been idle for a specific number of time. This can be changed from the Windows Control Panel.

The planet displayed by the screensaver consists of crystal blue waters, glowing trees, rock formations, and luminous plants and flowers. When the screensaver launches, the camera pans around the surroundings showing the view. The planet is shown both in daylight and in nighttime. The colors seen are purples, blues, and greens to provide a never-before-seen environment. The screensaver is accompanied by background music, too.

Faraway Planet 3D Screensaver also offers settings, so that the user can configure its behavior. The screensaver also supports multiple monitors. Other settings for the screensaver include the video’s size and quality. There is also an option to disable the screensaver upon moving the mouse cursor. This can be disabled by removing the check mark on the box beside the option. Users can also change the music and sound settings by dragging the slider. Disabling the sound and/or music completely is also possible by putting a check mark on the disable music and sound box.