FAR manager 3.0.4444.0

Eugene Roshal & FAR Group (Freeware)

File and Archive Manager, or FAR Manager for short, is a file manager application created for Windows operating system. The program’s main purposes are for viewing directories/files, editing, renaming, and copying files. It offers a user interface with keyboard orientation. This application offers an editor and internal viewer. It also has tree views, customizable user menus, integrated help, compare, and file search. The program’s standard functions can be expanded using available plug-ins and macros. It has a standard built-in plug-ins including Windows network, temporary panel virtual file systems, FTP, extensible archive file and more. Third-party plugins are also available for download.

FAR Manager features a drag-and-drop interface using in copying and moving operations. It also offers configurable options such as file operation associations, internal/external file viewer, file sorting modes and panel view. The panel view offers a command prompt and can be customized according to certain order or categories. Support for longer file name is available as well. Its file panels also offer support for wildcard selection, highlighting, advanced filtering, and sorting. Users can also configure shortcuts when conducting certain tasks.

Other features offered by this program include the following:

• Video mode
• Compare folders tool
• File view history
• Configurable user menu
• Clipboard functions and more