Far Cry Benchmark

Hocbench - (Proprietary)

Far Cry Benchmark is a tool that is used to benchmark video cards for use in Far Cry, an action game developed by Ubisoft. As an action game, it demands a lot from the computer system, such as fast memory and high frame rates to make sure its graphics are displayed clearly and properly. The benchmarking tool is used so that gamers have a standard of reference to see if their system is at par with what the game requires, so that they can make the necessary adjustments to their video cards and other system settings.

It has a simple user interface and a screenshot feature that lets users take snapshots from the same frame from different viewing angles. Users can also turn on Geometry Instancing and HDR, and also use OpenGL in place of Direct3D if preferred, and vice versa. For HDR, users can change the level from 1 to 11. This benchmarking tool contains 11 built-in demos and assists users in changing their screen resolution to fit their monitors. Users can also set the graphics quality with three presets, or choose the “Ultra” setting that allows them to customize the graphics quality according to their preferred specifications. Users can choose to play the demos on loop to assist them in conducting stability and reliability tests.