Fantastic Creations: House of Brass

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Fantastic Creations: House of Brass is an adventure and puzzle game in which players are tasked to find the exit in an underground vault. In the story of the game, an inventor named Edwin Cogglethorpe built several mechanisms for his convenience and amusement, and he housed them all in a sealed and fully-automated home called the House of Brass. Unfortunately, his work left him trapped, and it is up to the player, who plays Cogglethorpe’s grandchild, to help the old inventor escape the elaborate environment full of broken and malfunctioning devices.

Players can interact with and navigate the game environment through simple clicks. Each room in the House of Brass can be examined and the game itself is full of mini-games to play and puzzles to solve. There are also hidden object scenes, in which players have to find 12 of the same item. This steampunk-themed game challenges players to employ good reasoning and deduction skills in order to solve puzzles, work their way to the top level, and ultimately find the exit of the underground vault.

This game provides players with hints to assist them should they get stuck in the gameplay. Players can also collect notes and zoom into certain areas to trigger hidden object scenes. Viewing the journal lets players see the collected notes that they can use as guides in solving puzzles and advancing in the game.