ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Bundled)

ASUS FancyStart is a utility program bundled with some ASUS laptops. A standalone application is also available, which can be downloaded from the ASUS website. This utility program is used for managing the startup screen of the laptop as well some other features and sounds related with startup screen. It can be used for changing the default boot logo image on the ASUS laptop. It can also be used for adding special frames or custom backgrounds. Custom images may also be added. However, custom images should be 1,024 x 768 pixels or smaller only. Sounds played during startup can also be modified.

ASUS FancyStart offers three options – Picture, Background, and Frame. Each option allows the modification of the logo picture to be used during startup. The program has several preinstalled frame and background images. While configuring the settings, the startup screen can be previewed before applying the changes. It also offers options on how the selected image for startup will be used. Available options for this include Single, Random, or Sequence options. The Single option is selected if you want the program to use a single image only. The Sequence option is used for specifying the order of the images while the Random option allows the program to choose photos randomly.