FancyCache For Disk (Beta) 0.8.1

Romex Software (Shareware)

FancyCache For Disk (Beta) is a tool for data caching that has since been renamed “PrimoCache.” The main intention of the creators of this program is to provide a supplementary caching function to a computer system. This program performs this operation on a logic blocks.

Essentially, FancyCache For Disk (Beta) provides a boost in the performance of any computer system by storing data not into the disk, but into memory. This allows for fast data retrieval and translates to more efficient operations. At its core is a filter driver (storage class) that can intercept requests for data. In situations where the data is located in the cache, the system reads the cache. If the requested data needs to be retrieved from the disk, it will take a much longer time. This is how FancyCache For Disk (Beta) increases the overall efficiency and performance level of the system: by providing a faster way to access data.

This program supports the following functions:

• Numerous caching strategies including Write-Only Caching. It also does Read-Only Caching, and  a combination of the two strategies
• Caching for entire disks
• Support for two write modes: Write-Through and Write-Deferred
• The use of basic as well as dynamic disks