Family Tree Maker 2012 (Proprietary)

Family Tree Maker is a genealogy software that allows users to build a family tree. With the application, users can easily track members of the family through profiles. Each member’s profile has complete information including a photo, name, sex, age, birthday, and other personal information. The program has a simple interface that beginners will be able to use. Fields are provided, so users just need to fill out information. Furthermore, family trees created on the application can be synchronized with the Ancestry website. This enables members of the family to access the family tree online. The family tree can be set to private or public depending on the user’s preferences.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Organization Tools – With organizational tools included in the application, users can easily filter search results when looking for certain members of the family. Information in the family tree can be viewed according to age, gender, or location.
• Reports and Charts – The program also has a reporting feature, allowing users to have printed copies of information from the family tree including birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and so on.
• File Management – The application also comes with several file management tools, allowing users to import and export family trees, merge files, and share family trees across different operating systems.