Family Tree Maker 2009

The Generations Network (Proprietary)

Family Tree Maker 2009 by The Generations Network is a genealogy program with additional features from the 2008 version. This program offers the user a number of resources while they are in the process of tracing their ancestral roots such as family tree charts, 180-degree fan charts, and bow tie charts. Family Tree Maker 2009 is now possessed of better data manipulation tools such as the find and replace tool and the change place name tool.

This program features numerous tools that provide the user with the following outcomes:
• Vertical pedigree charts
• Horizontal hourglass charts
• Bow tie charts
• Simplified and full reports
• Data errors reports

Family Tree Maker 2009 has been tested for effectiveness and efficiency. It also has publishing functionality and for the main charts, book layouts are provided. This program also offers users single-page PDF exports from the charts. Research tools are much improved and it also lets the user insert into text fields certain foreign language characters when applicable.

Family Tree Maker 2009 allows the user to enter multiple facts while updating entries from the Facts or Manage Facts options. The featured Person menu and Edit menu also give the user a number of useful functionalities such as setting spouse order and finding individuals and duplicate individuals.