Family Restaurant 1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Family Restaurant is a time management cooking game where players must cook and serve meals to customers at a restaurant. Players assume the role of Jenny, a young woman who must increase the star rating of her family’s restaurant. At the start of each day, customers enter the restaurant and order food from the waiters and waitresses. An order slip appears at the bottom of the screen. Players must click on the order slip and prepare the meal before the time is up. There are different types of dishes to prepare. The more accurate the cooking and presentation of the dish, the more stars the restaurant gets.

Aside from cooking dishes from the recipe book, players are also given the chance to create an original dish and name it as well. The game gets more difficult as the player gets to higher levels. There are instances wherein players may have to prepare two dishes at the same time. More recipes are also unlocked as the levels get higher.

Family Restaurant offers two game modes – Story mode and Endless mode. The game has 35 levels in different locations and there are over 60 ingredients to use when cooking dishes and creating recipes.