Family Historian 5

Calico Pie Limited (Shareware)

Family Historian is a genealogy program designed for diagram and chart creation. It is a product that enables users to create comprehensive family trees and flow charts with its browsing, exploring, and editing features and tools. Diagrams can be designed to fit any scale or orientation. These plans are fully configurable with real-time saving and editing commands. It comes with a wizard that prompts users not only with the step-by-step installation process but also in the creation of a project.

Family Historian creates a variety of diagram and charts including: Ancestor, Descendant, Hourglass, Everyone, and All Relatives trees. Each output is designed to be interactive with thirty-one configurable templates. The program is connected to online search sites to ensure accuracy and consistency in identification reports while tracing a family member or relative using its “How Related” tool. Source citations are automatically recorded and stored for easy retrieval and re-checking. The program supports image and customization options in creating charts with photographs and images. Scripting tools make it easy for users to have full control of their personal data. Meanwhile, its queries feature is useful in obtaining more details on any encoded data. Family Historian’s merge/compare feature allows multiple users to work cooperatively and share data with each other in real time.