Family Feud 3

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Family Feud 3 is a computer game based on the American television game show of the same title. It is the third release in the Family Feud series of games. In this game, players attempt to guess what 100 people said in response to various survey questions. To start each round of the game, one needs two groups to face off and see who gains control of a specific question. There has to be one guessing the most popular answer in the survey. If the player does make a good answer, he or she has the option to play the question or pass it to his or her opponents.

Players are given control to guess the answer most commonly given. This is located at the top space of the survey board. If the answers are worth some points, control of the game is given to the player who buzzed first. If neither player provides a valid answer, the next member of the group can answer. Control of the game goes to the group that gives the most popular survey responses. There are time limits for the Family Feud 3rd edition, making it a fun and exciting game for everyone. It is packed with scoreboards, strike indicators, in-game money, and about 3000 questions. This game is suited for three to eleven players aged 8 and up.