Fallout Tactics

Micro Forté; Interplay (publisher) (Proprietary)

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (also Fallout Tactics or FOT) is a third-person role-playing game suited for those who enjoy engaging in virtual tactical missions and military combat.  Developed by digital gaming company, Micro Forte, gamers can choose from either single-player or multi-player modes, both offering challenging game play requiring leadership, strategy, and combat skills.

Players’ characters are created using the RPG (role playing game) concept, wherein gamers get to assign their avatars’ strengths, dexterity, and other attributes.  The gamer then leads a squad of up to six Brotherhood of Steel warriors, chosen from 30 candidates.  While the main character is human, other characters and/or recruits may be humanoid robots, deathclaws, dogs, ghouls, super mutants, or also humans.

The squad then sets out to accomplish a series of missions assigned by the general-in-charge.  Players must work on improving their squads’ stats as well as special skills in order to survive the increasingly challenging missions ahead.  There are 20 missions in the single-player mode of Fallout Tactics, set in six stages.  

Other than accomplishing missions, players also interact with the game’s built-in characters to trade for items, carry-out quests, and more.

Up to 18 gamers or 36 characters can play at the same time in multi-player mode, and they can choose any of the eight multi-player maps available within the game.