Fallout 3

Bethesda Softworks (Proprietary)

Fallout 3 is an open world action role-playing video game first released in 2008. It is the third entry in the Fallout game series. The game is set 36 years after the events in Fallout 2. The player takes the role of a Vault 101 inhabitant. The game follows the story of the protagonist after escaping from Vault 101 in order to track his father who mysteriously disappears.

Players can customize the primary attributes of the protagonist, which determine the set of Skills the player can acquire later on in the game. The player is allowed to choose up to three Skills. Players can also acquire experience point used to level up the character. Every time the player levels up, he will get skill points that can be used to upgrade the percentages of the chosen skills. Another important element in the game is Karma. This element is affected by the player’s actions and decisions. In return, the character’s Karma can affect the game’s ending.

Weapons and health affect the player’s game as well. There are two types of health – limb and general. Limb health pertains to a certain body parts while general health pertains to the main damage bar. Weapons help the player in combat. The game also permits creation of customizes weaponry using salvaged parts. The game also features the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (a.k.a. VATS). This aspect mainly affects the player’s combats. Using VAT enables the player to pause real-time combat. The player is also allowed to have a maximum of three companions throughout the game.