Fallout 2

Black Isle Studios / Interplay (Proprietary)

Fallout 2, a game developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay, is a role-playing game set in post-nuclear United States.  As the Chosen One, users must go on a journey through the wastelands to find the GECK (or Garden of Eden Creation Kit) – a machine that can restore the environment and the only thing that could keep the people in their humble village alive.

Gamers control a character unfolds as the storyline progresses.  With seven major attributes that develop or change as the game moves forward, gamers may fight and react differently from the next player.  They also have traits that can be advantageous for certain tasks but disadvantageous for others, and skills that improve based on the activities they engage in.

Through their journey, gamers are faced with numerous challenges, including having to fight supermutants, monsters, evolved creatures, bandits, and more. They can also interact and trade with computer-controlled characters and have them tag along as allies.  These non-player characters also develop skills as the game progresses, which make them good companions during combat. However, they also have their own personalities and can react negatively to provocation.  

Fallout 2 is an open world game, which lets players explore its virtual world and move around at will.