Falcon BMS

Benchmark Sims (Freeware)

Falcon BMS or Falcon 4.0 is a combat flight video game designed to provide players with a simulation of flight battles and aviation attacks. It models the F-16C Block 50/52 Fighting Falcon and is set in a period of war on Korean territory. The game features a campaign mode, multiplayer capabilities, and military avionics, among others. Falcon BMS is actually the modern and most advanced version of the Falcon series, which was formerly named “Spectrum Holobyte.” The game's storyline follows a fictional war ignited by the North and South Korean rivalries, with the participation of the United States forces to show support for the latter. Because of the controversial plot of the game it was banned for circulation in the Republic of Korea since its official release.

At the start of the game, players are to view over thirty training scenario clips to demonstrate how they should maneuver or control their own vessel and strategize their avionics operations during the gaming proper. Once the training mode is done, players are to proceed to the gameplay mode where they will be tasked to partake in a modern war. Additionally, players may choose the dogfight mode if they want to engage in miniature campaigns and tactical flights. Every player has a handbook where all the details of flight exploits, mission engagements, and possible ranking promotion or demotion are contained.