Fairway Solitaire

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Fairway Solitaire is a game based on the card game solitaire and is patterned with a golf theme. To clear a table, the player will use a golf club and playing cards. The game features 70 unlockable courses, rewards, and trophies. It features a daily challenge of 3 limited edition courses. Another feature is a golf shop for players to purchase equipment to help in the course challenges.

Gameplay of clearing a table is by way of using golf clubs and playing cards. The goal of the game for the player is to play and unlock 70 different course challenges. Each course completed will unlock the next course challenge for the player to advance. Completed challenges and tasks will reward the player with trophies. Some challenges will reward the player with game cash or prizes. Each course in Fairway Solitaire presents the player with course hazards. These hazards include water and sand traps. Water Hazards come in as water cards, which must be cleared from the table before revealing the cards on the right of the table. Sand Trap cards are only revealed when the golf club Sand Wedge card is uncovered.

Fairway Solitaire features a Golf Shop where players can buy equipment for tournament play. Players can buy items to improve their performance on course challenges. Players may purchase other cards, glasses, drinks, and food to help in the challenges.