FairUse Wizard 2 3D R2


FairUse Wizard 2 is a DVD backup and converter application. It is used for converting DVDs into high quality MP4, XviD, DivX or H264 AVI files. The program is available in two editions – Light Edition and Full Edition. There are several differences between the Light and Full editions. The Light edition does not offer iPod video encoding, range selection and quality based encoding. In addition, the size for the encoding target file size is limited to 700 MB only.

The program’s interface provides a step-by-step instruction for backing up and converting DVDs. The application supports different conversion profiles for different platforms including Apple TV, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, iPod and DivX DVD players. It can also be used to store multiple movies on one DVD. Encoding up to two audio tracks is possible as well. However, this maximum amount of audio track varies depending on the chosen encoding profile. During the encoding setup, it is also possible to preview the subtitles first. Subtitles can also be extracted to obtain a SUB and IDX file.

FairUse Wizard 2 features Lanczos resize, which can reduce the size of the files while getting a sharper picture. There’s also the BOB deinterlace feature, which can attenuates certain artifacts found in badly encoded DVDs. The program also has a TV mode. This mode is mainly used for playing DVDs on regular 4/3 TV. It also has a “credits start” button, which can be used to choose where the end credits of the movie will start.