FairStars Audio Recorder

FairStars Soft (Shareware)

FairStars Audio Recorder is an audio recorder that uses real-time professional recording features. It can record audio and sound and transform these into a variety of recording formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, and APE, among others. The software is designed to record sound using external applications and tools such as a microphone, a line-in jack, and directly from the sound card of a device. FairStars Audio Recorder can grab any type of sound such as music, movie dialogues, gaming sound effects, audio streams, and day-to-day conversations.

Once the software has captured the intended recording, it directly saves it to five major formats: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, and APE, without storing temporary copies in the hard drive. Hence, users do not need to process the recording via a third-party converter application. They may simply select the format they wish to transfer or keep. In addition, FairStars Audio Recorder comes with a recording wizard that guides users on the step-by-step recording process. Furthermore, the wizard has a Silence Detector feature that prompts users whenever the software has not detected any sound for the recording. Finally, the program is equipped with an audio cutter for trimming unnecessary parts from the output audio clip.