Factory Audio Converter

Softplicity (Shareware)

Factory Audio Converter is an audio converter and a CD ripper built into one application. It is a professional audio converter that can convert almost all audio formats including MP3, MP4, APE, WAV, OGG, WMA, MPC, AAC, and FLAC. It allows the user to rip audio tracks from CDs and convert these files into any of the enumerated audio formats. Its version is not time-limited and automatically upgrades for free. This application is a powerful program that recognizes all audio file formats and converts these to the target file format. It also performs and records other settings like Ease of Use Bit rates and sample rates.

This program is made with a command line support which enables the user to select multiple songs and/or select all the songs and have the application do the ripping and converting while the user attends to other tasks. It also allows the user to play the audio file from the application’s built-in audio player which enables the user to correctly choose the audio file to be processed. It also allows the user to cut an audio file and convert only the required part of the file. Should the user need only 10 minutes of a 2-hour audio file, the user can easily choose the important part and convert only what the user requires.