Faceworx 1.0

LOOXIS GmbH (Freeware)

Developed by Looxis, Faceworx is a handy little graphics application that allows users to create three-dimensional models of a person’s head. The application only requires two photos to allow the user to create the model. The application is freeware and exports files that are compatible with other 3D modeling software such as Sketchup, Blender, or any software that supports the OBJ file type. The program is so easy to use, even first timers will be able to create a 3D model of someone’s head.

The process in creating a 3D model of someone’s head starts with two images. The first image is a photograph of the subject’s head taken from the front. The subject should be posing as if he or she is getting a passport photo taken. The second photo would be a profile from the side. After these photos are successfully imported, the user then maps key facial points in the photograph. This facial mapping will be used to define where the eyes, nose, cheeks, and other key parts of the face and head are on the photographs. This information will be translated by the program and will be integral to the construction of the 3D model head.