FaceSwapper 1.1

Luxand Development (Shareware)

FaceSwapper is a simple application that enables users to easily swap faces on pictures. The program is easy to use, and users do not need extensive photo editing knowledge in order to use it. Users can merge two images together and improve the resulting image by tweaking the settings. The application has a wizard-style interface that guides users through the steps of using the application. The wizard can also be disabled. Upon launching the program, users must provide an image that will serve as the background for the resulting image. The second image is the image of a person that will be merged with the background.

The program has a face swapper wizard that helps users adjust the features on the face so that the final image will be as realistic as possible. On the main window of the application, users can view the image on the main work area and the configurations on the right side of the main window. Users can rotate the image using three sliders and change the zoom of the background image, as well as the face. The last portion shows the contrast levels for the image. The contrast can be automatically set or manually tweaked by the user.