Faces Of War

Bestway Corp (Proprietary)

Faces Of War is a strategy game developed by Best Way Corp. This real time, strategy game is set in Europe during World War II, some time in 1944. The battles that are featured are the Battle of Berlin, the Normandy Invasion, and the Battle of Bulge.

Players control squads of Soviet, American, English, or German soldiers. These squads face off with their enemies using RTS gameplay. Not all squad members follow the player's instructions as some of them are AI-controlled. These AI-controlled soldiers strategize based on the game's environmental conditions. In addition to controlling soldiers, players are also given objectives to fulfill, such as acquiring top secret plans, saving generals, and detonating stations.

Faces Of War offers many types of units. Different units allow for different strategies in completing missions. The game also allows for allied support in larger missions. AI allies can come in and bolster troops' positions. This allows for more strategy options. Knowing that an allied force will come from the west side of the map enables a player to concentrate forces in the east.

The engine of the game allows near total destruction of the map items. Multiplayer gameplay is available, offering many modes and options.