FaceOnBody Application 2.0

FaceOnBody (Shareware)

FaceOnBody is an application used to move or transfer a face to any type of body. Various kinds of pictures can be used for faces and bodies such as those of TV personalities, celebrities, friends, family, characters from movies, and animals.

The program interface is simple to understand and program usage can be started immediately. Graphic skills are not needed to use the program. A detailed help file and program tips help users utilize the program. Scenes or materials to be used have to be selected first from one’s hard drive or through the Internet. The face to be used must be outlined and transferred to the scene. Numerous templates are provided for faces and scenes. Contrast, brightness, and RGB of pictures can all be adjusted.
Face colors can be adjusted to harmonize with the chosen scene. The area for the face can be shrunk, enlarged, resized, mirrored, and rotated to the right or left. Pixels can also be painted on the background, scene, or face. A background painter paints scenes behind faces or heads, enabling background elements to be erased. Output pictures can be saved in JPEG format or emailed for sharing. The “Undo” button allows users to backtrack their work anytime. Low to moderate system resources are used in running the program.