FaceFilter Studio 2.0.1206.1

Reallusion Inc. (Shareware)

FaceFilter Studio is a photo editing application geared towards enhancing and beautifying portraits. The application offers a set of tools that beginners can use to come up with professional looking portraits. One of the main features of the program is the 5-step automated editing process. The application uses facial feature mapping to make changes to the photo. The first step is correcting the color. The program detects the color of the skin. Afterwards, it is toned and balanced to come up with a better color. The second step is automatic detection of facial features, which locates the four anchor points on the face. The next step is enhancing skin quality with make-up tools. The fourth step is choosing a facial expression from over 50 templates. The program uses muscle-based morphing technology to come up with the expressions. The last step is to export the image or print it out.

FaceFilter Studio also allows users to correct/remove certain parts of the photo. The tools included in the program allow users to remove freckles and wrinkles, reduce dark shadows around the eyes, and get rid of oily skin. In addition, there are natural expression enhancement tools for removing bad facial expressions, changing facial expressions, widen the eyes, slim or fatten the face, and adjust the head proportion.

The application can be used as a standalone program or it can also be used together with other editing applications.