Face Off Max (Shareware)

Face Off Max is a program used for creating funny photos from digital images. The program allows users to cut a face from a photo and paste in on any type of body. The application comes with hundreds of built-in templates. Some of these include Superman, Monalisa, Elvis Presley, sports personalities, and many others. Additionally, templates can be added to the program by purchasing and downloading them from the website. There are Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween, and Thanksgiving templates available for download from the developer’s website.

Creating a photo with the program can be done in just three steps. (1) Pick a body from the hundreds of templates available (2) select a face to paste on the body (3) replace the head on the body template chosen. Face Off Max comes with several tools for finishing the image. Some of them are:

• Reveal the face – This tool enables the user to crop out the face from a digital photo or a webcam image. The brush size can be changed to come up with accurate results.
• Sizing, placing, and rotating – This is used for changing the size of the head, positioning the face on the body, and rotating the angle of the head for a better picture
• Trimming and placing – This tool is used for making final changes to make the photo look genuine.

Users can also add text to the photo. The final image can be shared from the program via or to Facebook.