Fable III Launcher

Lionhead Studios Limited (Shareware)

Fable III is an action role-playing game that was first released in 2010. It is the third game in the Fable series of games. The game is set half a century after the events in Fable II. The player assumes the role of a nameless hero. The story takes place in Albion, a fictional continent that is ruled by the hero’s brother Logan. Players must overthrow the king and gain back control of Albion. The game is divided into two parts. The first mission is to overthrow the king from his throne and the second is to rule Albion successfully.

After finishing the first part of the game, the player has several choices to make as a ruler. The hero can keep his promises to the people or choose to go against his promises and anger the citizens. All of the player’s decisions will have good or bad consequences.

The other features of the game are:
• Map Room – Players can strategize before battles by visiting the map room. The map of Albion and Aurora can be viewed and players can zoom in, too.
• Armoury – The armoury is a chamber that contains all the hero’s weapons.
• Butler – The hero has a butler named Jasper. The butler is found in the Sanctuary and will give players suggestions on weapons and clothing to be used.
• Sanctuary – The Sanctuary replaces the main menu in the game. It consists of rooms where players can access all the contents that would normally be accessed from the main menu.
• Treasury – The treasury is where all the player’s gold is kept.