Faber Toys 2.6

FaberBox (Freeware)

Faber Toys is a system utility developed by FaberBox that informs users of the status of their computers and their applications. This tool is able to display the different aspects of system activity, such as the following:

• Program Aliases with related descriptions, icons, modified dates, and path
• AutoRuns and the applications that get access to the System Registry
• System processes, including dependencies
• File analysis, including exported functions, PE analysis, and imported modules
• Existing windows, arranged in a hierarchical view

The information retrieved is saved in a folder located in the utility’s installation directory, and is saved as a configuration file. This way, the System Registry is does not get filled up with data that is not necessary to running the computer system. The data can also be used to restore the system. Users can export the system information shown in TXT, HTML, or XHTML format. Users can also set the utility to undertake process kill, process priority modification, and auto-refresh (with custom interval) actions. For Windows NT users, a Highlight Services option is also available.

With this tool, programmers will be able to track their applications and determine their performance and behavior within the computer system. Faber Toys can run on most configurations that use Fast Property Load or FPL technology. This technology is particularly used for speeding up the collection or retrieval of information on computers with low speed.