F1 2011

Codemasters (Proprietary)

F1 2011 is a video game developed by Codemasters and was released in September 2011. This video game is the direct sequel of F1 2010 released the previous year and the third installment of the F1 series. F1 2011 has a sequel entitled F1 2012. This video game features an action-racing genre and is based on the 2011 Formula One season. In F1 2011, players simulate actual Formula One car racing and features real-time vehicle controls, movement, and physics. Players may race against computer opponents with its modified AI, or with other players in its multiplayer mode. Formula One racing is a Grand Prix sporting event where racecar drivers and their supporting teams compete in different race circuits using high-performance Formula One cars. F1 2011 features twelve teams and twenty-four drivers that are licensed from their respective representatives for appearance in the game. This video game also includes nineteen race circuits used in the 2011 Formula One season. These circuits provide programmed day-to-night transitions as well as interactive spectators.

F1 2011 contains both single player and multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, players may choose to play Career mode where they simulate being a professional F1 driver. The next single player mode is the Grand Prix where players may create their own Formula One racing season. Another mode is Proving Grounds where players may compete with other players and beat their records. F1 2011’s multiplayer mode can be played using a local area network or LAN connection, or be hosted online that can support up to sixteen human players.