F-Secure Corporation (Shareware)

F-Secure is an application used for identity, computer, and online security. It protects against internet attacks and malware, and removes spyware, infections and viruses from one’s computer.

After application installation software update is performed automatically. New features are available and can be of use to new and advance computer users. The application’s interface is presented as two streamlined windows having 3  main sections. A “Computer Security” window contains Tasks, Status, and Statistics. Three buttons are designated below intended for quick actions such as Settings, Check for Updates, and Scan with drop down options for users to specify which scan to run. An Online Safety Window contains quick links for Create New Account, Restrict Browsing, and Restrict Web Content.  Spyware and virus scanning may be used to cut off tracking cookies and scan and eliminate e-mail viruses. A Deepguard feature enables dynamic process monitoring. Scanning may be customized to automatically run at a given time or at regular time intervals even if computer is in idle mode. Manual scanning may also be designated for compressed files, known file types, or enable advanced heuristics. With F-Secure one may also delete or restore a program or file, re-start a program that was previously blocked by the program, and alter connection settings.