SIL International (Shareware)

EzraSIL is a type of font that is classified as OpenType and is intended for publishing and linguistic data collection. This smart font is compatible with any application which can accommodate OpenType fonts. Some of the operating systems that this typeface works with are Office 2003, certain Linux applications, and Mac OS X as well.

This font may be implemented by users who work with Biblical Hebrew documents. EzraSIL is a font that recalls a volume of text used by Biblical Hebrew scholars. It has a basic square letter form. The appearance and style of the typeface is patterned after the typography of the BHS or Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, a volume on the Old Testament. The font is designed to support the Unicode 5.0 Latin-1 and Hebrew characters. This typeface includes Latin-1 characters however, the punctuation is exclusively Hebrew.

EzraSIL is created by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) International. It is compliant with the encoding and character order recommendations established on May 2003 by font developers. SIL International’s EzraSIL is available to the public for free and is released under an open font license which allows redistribution and modification, though certain limitations apply. Font designers and programmers may download the program, modify it and redistribute the newly developed typeface under a new name.