EZNEC® v. 5.0 5.0

Roy W. Lewallen (Shareware)

EZNEC® v. 5.0 is an antenna modeling and analyzing program developed by Roy W. Lewallen. It allows users to analyze the performance of the antenna in the actual operating environment. The program enables users to plot elevation and azimuth patterns, as well as provide users with feedpoint impedance, current distribution, SWR, and gain. The program also analyzes and generates reports on 3-dB pattern points, beamwidth, and take-off angle. Reports may be previewed on screen or printed out.

EZNEC® v. 5.0 user interface consists of spreadsheet entry mode, structured menus and function shortcuts. To commence the analysis, users should create an antenna description including its diameter, length, and orientation. Users can further customize the setup by adding feedpoints, transmission lines, loading coils, and traps, among others. By doing this, users may make a realistic analysis of the quads, Yagis, towers, loops, and phased arrays. The program also features save and retrieve functions for pattern plots and antenna descriptions. Graphs can also accommodate multiple pattern plots at the same time. The program also offers a 3D display function that allows users to view the antenna descriptions in 3D, as well as the pattern plots applied. It allows users to switch to 2D display from 3D display mode to view more details.

EZNEC® v. 5.0 has a 500-segment capability. This allows the program to create complex and infinitely long antenna models.