EZ Lyrics (Freeware)

Singing along to a favorite tune is one of the oldest pastimes in the book. From singing karaoke to singing along with a live band, people always love belting out the hits that they love. But what if they do not know the words? To save a singer from the embarrassment of belting out the wrong words when singing, Music Oasis has developed a program that allows users to search for and find instantly, any song that they wish. The program features an easy to use interface that allows users to easily find the song lyrics that they are looking for. It also includes other intuitive features that make printing, downloading and saving these lyrics to be extremely easy.

The interface is simple and easy enough for new users to navigate through quickly. The lyrics are displayed on a large portion of the interface, lending to easy perusal for the user. The program supports the instant printing of these lyrics directly from the main interface itself. The program allows users to find lyrics for almost any song. And with the ability to save songs, users can take a multitude of lyrics, download them in to his or her computer and store them for use. Users can add an unlimited number of songs to their own personal database for future use. New lyrics can also be found using an integrated web search.