EZ-DJ Plus

Simple Star, Inc. (Shareware)

EZ-DJ Plus is a digital audio mixing program that allows its users to create their own songs by providing people with access to various mixing tools including a digital turntable. The program was developed by Simple Star, Inc. It serves to provide music aficionados, amateurs or not, with a series of tools that can help them create their own tunes with ease and successfully save them in readable MP3 formats for copying, migration, burning, and easy playback.

Without having to purchase a professional turntable and looping system, music fans will be able to create their own song mixes with the help of the EZ-DJ Plus program. The thing about this application is that it offers digital controls from warping to scratching and varying sound pans that will allow an individual to combine multiple MP3 files together and add personal customizations that will render a track unique when finished.

Aside from combining multiple MP3 files, the program user can also use the EZ-DJ Plus application to add different sound effects to the overall track. All of the workable files must be in MP3 format though. The application does not only come with turntable, looping, and effects controls but also offers access to an easy to use disc burner, sound timer and scheduler, as well as a reliable scanning feature.