EZ Calendar (Shareware)

EZ Calendar is a program used for designing and creating custom calendars with photos of the user’s own choice. There are also built-in themes available. There are specific themes for certain occasions but there are also themes suited for every emotion. With this application, users can also add their custom information of special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries and mark them with special clip arts.

EZ Calendar offers editing functions that allow users to change the color of the background and the grid, and change the font as well. There is also an option where reminders can be included on marked dates. Users can simply click on the date where the reminder is to be placed, and a pop-up box will be shown, with space to put in the details. The calendar application also has 12- and 18-month calendar options. The easy-to-understand interface makes the usage easier for beginners. There is also a Help file available that contains the complete information about the program’s features and functions. After making a personalized calendar in the program, the user can save it in JPEG format, share it online, or have it printed.

In summary, the application’s features are:

• Numerous clip-arts to choose from such as party hats, cakes, cartoons, etc.
• Simple and user-friendly interfaces
• 12- and 18-month calendar options
• Option to include reminders on marked dates