EZ Backup Ultimate 6.39

RinjaniSoft (Shareware)

EZ Backup Ultimate is an application used for backing up information from different programs. The program can be used for migrating settings and files from an old computer to a new computer. Backups can be saved in a hard drive, a disc, or sent to a File Transfer Protocol server. The application is capable of backing up information from different applications, such as Mozilla Firefox, Skype, Windows Mail, Excel, Internet Explorer, and many others. On the program’s main window, users can view the list of supported programs under the “Program and File Selection” tab.

On the “Backup Destination” tab, users can choose where to back up the files (local drive, disc, or FTP). The backup filename can also be chosen from there. EZ Backup Ultimate also allows users to set a backup schedule. This can be done under “Options and Settings”. Other options that can be set are shadow copy and backup encryption.

Features of the EZ Backup Ultimate program are the following:

• 128 bit encryption password protection for backups
• support for Unicode characters
• application makes a self-restoring backup file of saved backups
• simple and easy-to-use interface
• ability to create backups of programs that are currently running