NCH Software (Freeware)

Eyeline is a program used in video surveillance. This application lets users monitor up to 100 camera feeds at the same time and features extra tools for network access, scheduling, and motion-activated surveillance recording. This utility was designed for business use, to make monitoring office buildings and large stores easier. It can also be used in other applications, such as keeping track of city traffic, adding security to public places, and even monitoring one’s home.

A key feature of this program is its ability to make a camera record only when it senses a movement on the screen. By using motion detection recording, the program saves on storage space. All of the feeds linked to the application are time-stamped automatically. The footage can be sent to one control computer unit and saved to a network folder for on-site viewing; it can also be automatically uploaded to the Internet so users away from the local network can still view the footage from remote location using Internet connection.

This utility can work with networked IP cameras, as well as USB-connected cameras. In addition to managing multiple video channels, the program can also be configured to send out and SMS or an email alert to the user when a camera detects movement. The program lets users view footage according to the date or by a particular camera. The application provides users for display options so they can view the recorded video from another screen. Eyeline comes with a tool for DVD burning.