Extreme Translator 1.926.1117

Etasoft Inc (Shareware)

Extreme Translator is an application used for converting an electronic format into another and performing additional data conversion tasks. This utility converts data into transactions recognizable to the receiving and sending system. It can execute the functions below:

• Receive and accept incoming data in their standard formats and translate them into other formats
• Strip and store data
• Translate many files into one file
• Validate data
• Reformat data items such as date and time
• Insert processed data into relational databases

Extreme Translator functions through a map editor that has four panes. The first and third panes are used to add new map items. The second pane displays relations between map items. The fourth pane displays selected item properties. Translator maps are sets of data translation rules that are defined using a tool for graphical mapping, and are saved as XMP files. The mapping process defines root items that represent either the source or destinations of data.

Other features of the application include:

• 5300 built-in templates
• Direct translation from one format to another, for example CSV to EDI, and EDI to CSV
• Support for flat files, CSV, EDI X12, HIPAA, XML, and NSF database
• Application integration via .NET components (Developer SDK license required)