eXtreme Movie Manager (Shareware)

eXtreme Movie Manager is a program used for managing movies and television shows. The application comes with a device scanner that is capable of automatically sorting the videos in the collection according to type (DVD, ripped movies, Blu-ray, etc). The device scanner is also able to sort television shows. It comes with some tools that automatically extract information, such as the season, title of the episode, episode number, etc. This makes it easier for users to manage and organize their movie and TV show libraries. The application uses a MagicScript engine that fetches information from the Internet. It gets information, such as the cast and crew list, picture, and trailers.

The left hand pane on the program’s main window consists of a tree view of the items included in the database. The different categories are Boxset, Movies, TV Show, and People. Users can also add their own categories in the database. The items can be viewed in thumbnail view or grid view. In addition, users can add their personal ratings to the items.

eXtreme Movie Manager has a feature called My Website. This feature allows users to browse and share their entire movie and TV collection online. The program has a built-in FTP (file transfer protocol) manager that will automatically upload the contents of the movie database online.