by TurboCCC (Freeware)

With the help of the Extra POI Editor from TurboCCC, all data in the GPX format found in GPS devices can easily be edited and converted into a more user-friendly format. GPS devices store various types of data in the GPX format such as addresses to maps. This program also works on other complex file types including POI, KML, XLS, MGLN, CSV, and OV2. In most cases, people who use this software application utilize it for its TourGuide conversion functionality. When it comes to this, the program can be used to alter or create these files by allowing the user to add everything from mp3s to JPGs.

Aside from the file editing features that the Extra POI Editor is known for, it can also provide program users with access to a series of tools that will allow them to geocode JPG files. Users can rely on it for tasks that require CSV file transfer. The program can handle CSV files that carry a maximum of 24 columns. There are also different preview panes that can be utilized by the program user including those which focus on audio, images, and maps. Files can also be sorted according to name, location, city, or state.