eXtra Buttons 2.2.5 Beta

Mentis Software (Freeware)

eXtra Buttons is an application that places additional command buttons on the windows of different programs. It enables users to do other commands without having to go through menus, just like the close, maximize, and minimize buttons. Additional buttons that can be added to the program’s window include the following:

• Bookmarks – The Bookmarks shortcut button allows users to create a bookmark of the program so it can easily be accessed the next time it needs to be opened.
• Transparency – This button allows the window to become transparent with a transparency level set by the user.
• Minimize to System Tray – The Minimize button allows the window to be minimized to the system tray. Minimized windows will have an icon on the tray that can be clicked to bring up the window.
• Always on Top – Places the window on top of all other windows. This button is useful for windows or programs that are important.
• Roll-up – This button rolls up the window so that only the caption bar shows on the desktop. It can be clicked again to unroll and show the entire window.

eXtra Buttons also supports hotkeys, allowing users to use the new buttons by just clicking on a specific key on the keyboard.