ExtendScript Toolkit 2 1.0.3

Adobe Systems, Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2, or ESTK, is a scripting utility application developed by Adobe Systems, Incorporated. It is included in the Adobe Creative Suite 2 and other Adobe programs. ESTK is used for editing, creating, and debugging JavaScript for Adobe application usage. The program offers many features allowing users to utilize it easier than a text editor. Some of the features included in this program are built-in syntax checker and the capability to run scripts directly from the ESTK without having to save the file. The built-in syntax checker is used for identifying the problems in the scripts. It will also provide information on possible solutions on how to fix the issues.

Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2 also features a JavaScript debugger allowing users to inspect the entire data for a running script. The JavaScript debugger is also used for setting and executing breakpoints. Each document window in ESTK 2 has its own toolbar where documents and its accompanied scripts can be connected to a target and its engines. The program can also be used for debugging multiple scripts simultaneously using the provided toolbar. ESTK 2 also comes with a text engine that supports code collapsing, line wrapping as well as various syntax highlighting schemes. The preference dialog also comes with a keyboard shortcut editor. There’s also the Favorites panel that shows user-configurable source files lists.