ExpViewer Application 6.0

InforMax, Inc. (Shareware)

ExpViewer Application is a utility, which is designed primarily for the viewing and printing of EXP documents. This program may be used for any document created by the different versions of EXP. This app is intended for EXP versions starting from 3.0 and higher, but below EXP Version 6.0. ExpViewer Application is a downloadable and lightweight tool that allows for a fast and efficient means of viewing and distributing EXP documents.

ExpViewer Application works with documents that are distributed via the Internet or by any other method. Intuitive tools are made available to the user so that he or she can view EXP files immediately. This program has the capability to import numerous graphics file formats such as PNG, EPS, EMF, BMP, AI, JPEG, and WMF. This is a tool, which retains the integrity of the data contained in every document that it opens for viewing.

ExpViewer Application works immediately upon installation. Once integrated into the computer system, a sample document is shown to the user. When this icon is clicked, the program gives the user the opportunity to view said document. After the test run, the user can then proceed to the viewing of other Web-based EXP files. The documents will come out in a separate window and not within the browser window.