Expstudio Audio Editor 4.31 Inc (Freeware)

Expstudio Audio Editor is an editing program specifically designed for audio files. It offers support for a variety of audio formats including WAV PCM, WAV, MP3, MP3, CDA, RAW, OGG, and more. The program is available in two editions – Free and Professional. The Free edition includes all features available in the Professional edition with two main differences. The first one is that the Free edition is not capable of saving audios as compressed WAV PCM. The second is that the Free edition has limited customer support while the Professional edition does not have a limit.

Main features offered by Expstudio Audio Editor include:

• View Options – The program offers different ways of viewing the active audio file. There are five options for this – Left Channel, Right Channel, Both Channels, Spectral, and Wave View.
• Editing Functions – This application provides standard audio editing functions. It has undo, redo, cut, copy, and delete functions. It also has a function for mixing the audio file or inserting/deleting silence from the audio.
• Effects – Several effects are included in the application. Some of these effects include fade in/out, flanger, normalize, amplify, expander, reverb, compressor, and more. Special effects are also available like changing the audio to chipmunk, male to female, female to male, Zeus effects, and more. There are also filters included such as band pass, notch, low pass, high pass, high shelf, low shelf, FFT, and FIR.
• Recording – Aside from editing audio, the application also offers a tool for recording audio straight from a CD, cassette, microphone, and other sources.