ExpressPCB (Freeware)

ExpressSCH is a component application in the ExpressPCBSetup program. This application is used for drawing schematics, while the other application in the program package is used to design circuit board layouts and is called ExpressPCB. Both applications have a user interface that s easy to understand and allow users to easily open a new project, work with multiple sheets, and insert items on a design.

Among the many features offered by ExpressSCH are the following:

• Creation of double-sided or four-layer boards and adjustment of the boards’ perimeter layouts – users can also apply multiple layers with different layer types such as copper and silkscreen.
• Access to numerous schematic components – users can use the built-in items contained in the Component Manager. These include capacitors, switches, connectors, wires, and semiconductors. Shapes such as circles and rectangles may also be added. Users may also choose to design custom components for their schematic layout.
• Drag-and-drop function for moving items in the schematic layout – it is also easy to add new components to a circuit such as resistors and connectors and power or ground planes as well.
• Exportation of circuit boards to EMF, DXF, or BMP file formats

The completed schematics may be imported into ExpressPCB, so users can base their circuit layout on the imported schematic design.