Expressivo 1.5.1

IVO Software Sp. z o.o. (Shareware)

IVONA Reader, formerly called Expressivo, is used for translating on-screen text to speech. It is capable of reading eBooks, emails, news stories, articles, or documents. Additionally, users can type in text to be translated to speech within the program. The program can also be used as a Mozilla Firefox plug-in to make it easier to translate texts on web pages to speech. When installed as a plug-in, it adds three buttons to the web browser for controlling the application. The application is simple to use. There are ‘Read’ and ‘Stop’ buttons to stop and start translating the text.

Expressivo has a recording feature that saves the read text as an mp3 file. Users can then transfer the mp3 file to portable devices so that users can listen to the files while on the go. The software has a built-in RSS reader that automatically dictates the latest news headlines as they are received. The main window has a tabbed interface, which allows users to open several documents at the same time and switch among them easily. The ‘Start Page’ tab consists of some shortcuts, such as checking for updates, showing RSS feeds, reading clipboard contents, and reading text documents. Users can also download additional voice packages to add to the application.