ExpressIT 3.1

Medea International Ltd (Freeware)

exPressit is an application used for creating labels with a computer. A number of templates are made available to the user. These pre-made templates are in different categories. There are label templates for CDs, DVDs, business cards, and other formats. To use the program, the user can launch a template and work on the interface’s main pane. Alternately, the user can make one from scratch. A number of tools are available in the main window. When creating the label, the user can add text and image as a start. After that, there are options to rotate, flip, and even zoom and un-zoom the image.

exPressit allows the user to work on multiple labels simultaneously. The files currently being worked on can be saved on for later use. Alternatively, they can be deleted and subsequently restored according to the user’s preference. The label’s design can be customized in a number of ways. In addition to pictures uploaded to the interface and the preset ones in the program, users can create their own design. Where the text is put on the label, as well as how it looks depends entirely on the user. The same can be said with the images. After the label is made, the user can then print it.