NCH Software (Shareware)

ExpressDictate is a digital voice dictation recorder designed to work like a dictaphone. It records real-time dictations and processes them into a file or a number of files, which are then automatically sent to one's typist via email, computer network, or the Internet. The software's primary features include: voice-prompted recording, encryption capability, recording mode settings, and direct integration with the developer's Express Delegate workflow manager. ExpressDictate is an advanced dictaphone that can be accessed using a variety of handheld devices and its bundled foot pedal controller.

The software can quickly process digital audio files and compress them for instant transmission. Its tracking tool allows users to keep track on the progression of their files from the moment they are sent to the typist to the expected time of completion. ExpressDictate's advanced built is also capable of supporting older versions of Dictaphones so users can browse existing files in their portable dictaphones and other digital recorders. Additionally, it comes with a transferring option that enables users to quickly transfer their files from portable dictaphones to the software's drive, which are then cued for transmission to their typists. Aside from recordings, users are free to attach additional files or notes for their typists. Every recording can be compressed into a smaller file to reduce transmission size yet maximize transmission speed.