Express Zip

NCH Software (Shareware)

Express Zip is a file compression application for archiving and extracting zip files and folders. The program has a simple interface. The upper portion of the window contains all the buttons for performing tasks, such as adding files and folders, opening folders, and extracting zip files. The right left side of the window shows the selected folder in tree view, while the right window shows the contents of the selected folder.

There are several tasks that can be done with Express Zip. Users can move files in different folders, edit the contents, convert archives to other formats, etc. All these can be done within the program’s main window. For quick extracting or archiving of folders and files, users can select an item and click the right mouse button. The option for compressing or extracting will be displayed on the menu. Folders can be added to the interface by simply dragging and dropping them. Archived files can be burned to a disc or sent to a contact through email by clicking on the ‘Burn’ or ‘Email’ button on the interface.

Here are other features of the Express Zip program:
• Supports rar, tar, 7z, cab, iso, and other popular formats
• Support for command line functions
• Multi-part split-zip archives