Express Scribe 5.55

NCH Software (Freeware)

Express Scribe is an audio player for recordings and transcriptions. The application can be used together with a foot pedal for controlling the speed of playback. If a foot pedal is not available, a standard keyboard will suffice. It supports audio file formats, such as DCT, MP3, and WMA.

The program’s interface displays the command buttons at the bottom of the window (Play, Stop, Fast Forward, and Rewind). Other task buttons and tools are located at the top portion of the window (Sync, Load, ToolBox, etc). All files are displayed as a list on the window, too. They are displayed with other information, such as the name of the file, date when it was created, duration, deadline, priority, and other notes. Under the list, users can add notes while listening to the current audio file.

Other main features of the Express Scribe application include the following:

• Support for both analog and digital devices for importing of audio recordings with the use of the dock
• Program is compatible with all common word-processing applications
• Application is capable of automatically loading files from a local computer network, an email account, or through FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
• Can be used with speech recognition applications in order to convert audio files to text