Express Rip

NCH Software (Proprietary)

Express Rip is CD-ripper software released by NCH Software in April 2012. It allows users to copy CDs and save them to their computers as MP3 or WAV files. Express Rip supports 19 other music file formats like WMA, AAC, and CDA. Express Rip also allows users to add track information and tags to ripped music files. For WAV files, Express Rip uses CART and BWF to add tags. This program also allows the user to automatically connect with an online server to get track information and album art.

Express Rip allows its user to customize CD to MP3 conversions as to the volume normalization and bitrate selection. Express Rip interface features 9 buttons on the top, which includes Eject, Load, Refresh, Options, Buy Online, and Toolbox. Express Rip also allows users to play the music tracks before ripping. User can customize the track information as to Artist, Album, Genre, and Year. They can also specify output file format and output folder. Options Tab gives the users an option to choose which online database to connect to for album information. Express Rip also allows users to specify file overwrite options and customize filename format of extracted files. Other options include checkboxes for Eject disk after ripping, Rip as single track, and Add short silence before start. It can also be integrated with other applications using the command line.